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Locks and keys are like birds. There are so many forms, sizes and types of them that the mind is boggled! If you ask a child to draw a lock and a key, the standard form of a bladed key with a rounded handle for holding and a padlock will probably be portrayed. In reality, keys and locking mechanisms are all around us and many are not so obvious. Some locks don’t even use keys in the traditional sense. This industry is always changing and improving so that life is becoming safer and more convenient for anyone that uses locks and keys of any kind.

Ancient locks

Locks and keys have been with us for centuries. As far back as ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt lock protected goods for merchants and temple treasures for the gods and kings. Today, our locking hardware is much more sophisticated as well as accessible. You can purchase locks in every price range and for every need. From tiny diary locks to massive combination locks on bank vaults, we find locks everywhere we look and turn.

Locksmith Service Arlington Heights is often asked about which locks are the best for customer’s needs. We always answer “that depends on what you want to secure.” That’s why we took a few example of commonly used locks and further detailed how they are used and for what reason. Read on and if you have any questions, feel free to call our shop or that of your favorite Arlington Heights, IL locksmith and get them answered by the pros!

Deadbolt locks

You might be wondering why on earth we mention the lowly deadbolt lock! Aren’t there more impressive locks out there to write about? Maybe, but quality deadbolts that are properly installed can make all the difference in your security. A deadbolt lock is simple, affordable, and can thwart home invasions, burglary attempts and most cases of unwanted intruders. They come in single and double cylinder forms with the single bolt models being the most popular ones. These locks have a knob on one side so that you can turn the bolt either to lock or unlock it. A key slot is on the other side for insertion. What’s so special about these simple locks? It is this; they provide extra protection for your home or business by adding a second line of defense. If your main lock is picked, bumped or smashed open, the intruder must now get past your deadbolt in order to get inside. Deadbolt locks allow you time to call for help or arm yourself and the intruder knows this. Most will give up and move on to another, easier to enter property.

Keyless entry locks

At first, it doesn’t make sense; how can you have locks with no keys? Keyless entry; of course! You can find keyless entry systems all over Arlington Heights, IL and the rest of the country. It has been used extensively by the automotive industry but now forms of keyless entry can be found in banks, homes, government offices, schools and commercial locations. Instead of burdensome keys, number sequences are entered into a keypad. Other systems use combinations, swipe cards, badges and even thumbprints. With keyless entry, you no longer worry if you forgot your keys or lost them; the combination is in your head!

High security locks

These special locks are not expensive, but even if they were; they are worth it! Regular locks are meant to give you some security and privacy. They were never meant to be pick-proof, smash-proof, bump-proof or blast-proof. Most locks are hollow and made of tin while their high security counterparts use solid steel and brass components along with other built-in parts that render them truly “high security.”

With the increase in home burglaries, lock bumping and commercial robberies, high security locks add a strong sense of true lock and key protection as well as great peace of mind. Be sure to call your favorite Arlington Heights, IL locksmith shop and ask about them! Most local locksmiths offer free price quotes and some even give free consultations and same day installations.

Master Locks

Master locks are used for added convenience and organization. Remember your primary school janitor and all the keys that poor man had to carry around? You could hear him coming 8 classrooms down the hall! His key ring made so much noise because he had keys to school rooms, offices, lounges, gym, cafeteria, closets, storage rooms, restrooms, locks, and lots more. With master keys, all of these school locks would still be there but they would “mastered” to one key which the custodian would control. Each teacher would still have a key to his or her classroom but this key would be “mastered” to the main key. This master key system is perfect for apartment complexes, offices, retail stores, schools and dozens of other examples.

Biometric locks

These locks are also of the keyless variety. Instead of keys or a number sequence entered into a keypad, your thumbprint is used. Biometric locks can also be used in conjunction with keypads and even traditional keys as a backup. One place where biometric locks are already commonly used is in the Apple I-Phone. You can also find biometric locks used in banks, museums, commercial offices, call centers, high end residential and fine dining.

Transponder keys

The word transponder means to transmit and this is what transponder keys do – they transmit a signal to your car’s computer. If that signal is recognized, the car starts. If it does not; it won’t. Most modern car keys are in fact, transponders. Their use has cut the rate of car theft drastically because unlike the older, non-transponder types, these keys are very difficult to duplicate and must also be programmed.

Other lock and key types

There are dozens more that we haven’t discussed here. Mortise locks, cam locks, FOB keys, cylinder locks, padlocks, lever handled locks and dozens more. We encourage you to call your local Arlington Heights locksmith of choice to ask questions and to find out more!