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Why homeowners need a deadbolt!

Locksmith Service Arlington is a huge proponent of residential deadbolt use. Why? Because they work; and they work well. It doesn’t matter if your home is right here in Arlington Heights, IL or anywhere else in the world, a solid deadbolt lock installed correctly can make a huge difference in your home security and protection. Deadbolt locks are easy to install, very affordable and can last for decades with minimum maintenance and care. Why spend more than you have to for expensive and often unnecessary alarms or lock hardware when you can get tremendous peace of mind and a strong second line of home protection by simply installing and using a good quality residential deadbolt?

What’s the big deal?

Deadbolts are so common that you may be wondering just why we are emphasizing them so much. Remember the story of David and Goliath? The boy with no armor, shield or weapons brought down the giant warrior that was experienced and armed to the teeth. How? By keeping the whole process simple; yet effective. Deadbolt locks are much the same. They aren’t fancy or hard to use, yet they add a strong second barrier to the inside of your Arlington Heights, IL home, condo or apartment.

We say “second barrier” because that’s what it is. Let’s say a burglar manages to pick your door lock; so far, so good. Before he can actually gain entry into your home and help himself to your valuables, he now has to bypass your deadbolt. A flimsy or poorly installed deadbolt presents no real barrier; he simply rips it off the door or pries it off. A well-installed, strong deadbolt however, stops his illegal entry cold! It also buys you time. This added delay allows you time to call police or even arm yourself and don’t think for one minute that the crook trying to break in doesn’t know that!

Unless your Arlington Heights, IL home is filled with valuable art or loads of cash, you probably are not attracting professional thieves. Instead, the common “garden variety” burglar wants easy to fence items like guns, laptops, X-Boxes, jewelry or tablets and other mobile devices. They want easy pickings of “low hanging fruit” and don’t want to risk arrest or being shot just for some fast cash or for some items to take to the pawn shop. When faced with your deadbolt lock they will almost always give up or move on to the next home which most likely is not as well locked as yours!

Isn’t my door lock just fine?

Not really! 90% of residential door locks in this country are so easy to bypass either by picking, smashing, bumping or prying them open. Builders have to put a lock on the door before they sell the house. The same goes for property managers; they won’t rent you a place with no locking door. No one said that it had to be a great lock; just a lock will do. Have you ever looked at a model home in a new development? Notice the extra finishes, upgraded carpet, granite counters, better appliances and finished garage? Those are called upgrades and they DON’T come with the basic, non-upgraded home. Neither do the best locks! Over time, the home has passed from one buyer to another and unless one of them has installed new, better quality locks, they will be easy to bypass, usually in under a minute!

Deadbolt choices

All deadbolts are not alike so it’s a good thing that you are reading this post! Locksmith Service Arlington Heights recommends either a single cylinder or a double cylinder model from one the major lock brands (Medeco, Baldwin, Kwikset, Master, Schlage, Yale, Sentry, Primus, Falcon, Kaba and others). Good, solid deadbolts are not expensive so don’t be tempted to get a “bargain” brand that is not sturdy or feels flimsy.

Single cylinder deadbolts have a knob to turn on one side and a key hole on the other to insert the key in.

Double cylinder deadbolt models are a little different. They have key slots on BOTH sides and no knobs to twist the lock open. These locks are recommended when you see doors that have a side window located close enough to the lock for a burglar to break and reach in and unlock the door by hand. These locks provide extra security, but if you are interested in having one installed, be sure to check with your building code authority or fire department as they are sometimes banned due to the fact that they take a key to open and use more time and effort to lock and unlock.

Where to buy your deadbolt(s)

You have some choices here. You can call a licensed, bonded and insured residential locksmith in Arlington Heights, IL to do the work. There are many to choose from and if you have a little time you can gather price quotes, product information, warranty details and other data.

You can also buy one yourself either locally or online and have a trusted handyman do the installation for you. Remember; quality hardware and correct installation are paramount! Resist the temptation to spend less and install yourself unless you really know what you are doing!

Shop for residential deadbolts at Home Depot, Best Buy, Ace Hardware, Lowes, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart and other similar stores. Be sure to look online for purchase options, prices, reviews and model information. Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s have several models in all price ranges to choose from. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can get your deadbolt delivered next day. Sorry…they don’t install but you can always rely on a trusted local locksmith or handyman to do that.

Sleep better…

A residential deadbolt is so worth the small investment you’ll make it its purchase and installation. Keep in mind, you are helping secure your home, loved ones and belongings, so shop wisely and get yourself a good one!