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Common Lockout Problems

If you have never been locked out before, you may be wondering how in the world anyone could ever lock themselves out of their home, car or business. Trust us when we tell you that it is very easy for this to happen to any of us. We are all in such a hurry these days that it is no wonder we lock ourselves out. While you may think that this will not happen to you because you’re far to clever to ever lock yourself out, beware what you say. The first thing some people will do is knock out a window or jimmy their door to get back inside.

This is the worst thing you can do. It only creates another set of problems. You might decide that breaking a window will get you immediate access, not realizing the host of other problems that it will create. At Locksmith Service Arlington Heights, we highly recommend that rather than doing this, you simply contact a locksmith to get the help you need.

Being locked out creates a great deal of anxiety. Instead of panicking, why not call a locksmith as soon as you realize you’re locked out. If you’re in a situation that is uncomfortable, such as being locked out while there is a bad storm outside, the weather is too hot or in a remote area, you’ll need help in a hurry.

Even though there is no perfect time to be locked out, it can be more tolerable if you know who you can depend on for the help that you need. A local locksmith should always be on your radar. No matter what time of the day, you can usually rely on the services of a 24-hour locksmith service in Arlington Heights, IL, to come to your aid.

Lockout Problems include:

Home Lockouts – The problem occurs often when the home has an automatic lock. When you run out of the home to greet someone or you’re in a hurry to get a piece of mail out of the mailbox, you may forget to grab the house key. As soon as you have shut the door behind you, you realize that you don’t have your keys in your hands. We have been called out when someone lunged something in between their door to hold it open but something un-lunged.

You can do something as simple as stepping outside to water a plant and not realize that your keys are not in your hands. So while you might think that it could never happen to you, given the ways that a person can unknowingly lock themselves out is numerous.

If you find yourself locked out, you might find a way to get back inside without anyone seeing you. Look to see if you have a window cracked or a door that is in the back or side of your home that might be open. The key to gaining access back inside is to be as discreet as possible. You don’t want others to see how you got back inside so that they do not do the same thing at a later date.

Automobile Lockouts – Even though you might not be able to understand how someone can lock themselves out of their home, you might be more understanding to how someone can lock themselves out of their car. Addressing automobile lockouts is the most common lockout problem we receive service calls for at Lockout Service Arlington Heights. Since there are more motorists on the road than there are homeowners, there is more chance of drivers locking themselves out. Instead of breaking out a window, making the problem worse than it is, call on a qualified locksmith to open the door for you. When you’re in a hurry, it is easy to leave the key in the ignition and race out of the car.

Commercial Lockouts – If you are the manager of a commercial business, you might know what we are talking about when we discuss unknowingly locking yourself out. You might be headed outside to do something as simple as changing a sign or putting out some inventory. When you head outside, you could easily walk out without the keys to the building and lock yourself out. This is especially possible when you are the only employee on the property. We recommend that you never leave the building unless there is another employ present.

This way, you are sure to avoid locking yourself out. If you’re in a complex with other businesses, make sure the maintenance office has a set of spare keys for your business. If you ever lock yourself out, they will be able to help you get back in again. Just make sure you place your spare keys in the hands of someone reliable and trustworthy.

Dangerous Lockouts – Whenever you’re in a remote area where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic or street traffic and you are locked out, this could be dangerous. When you find yourself locked out in a remote area, do not hesitate to call a locksmith for the help that you need. The important thing is to get yourself out of harms way. Don’t be quick to flag down any car you see coming your way. If someone happens to stop to help, ask them to contact the closest highway patrol or police. Never get into the car with someone you do not know. If you see a service station or restaurant nearby, where there are other people; it is best to wait for help in there than outside your car.

We also recommend that you listen to your instinct when someone questionable approaches you to help. Don’t look too vulnerable because you don’t want to give anyone the sense that you’re helpless, even though you are. If someone is suspicious, simply tell them help is on the way and they do not have to wait. Get them away from you if you can. Use common sense when you find yourself locked out in a remote area.