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Locksmith Service Arlington Heights: What to Do to Prevent Lockouts

Where is your key? Where on earth did you put it this time? Do these questions sound a bit familiar? If not, you may have never lost your keys before. Kudos to you! But, if you have ever had difficulty finding your keys, you may have asked yourself these questions at some point. Some people will find their keys soon after they realize that they are missing, others won’t be so lucky.

If you are in the unlucky set, you may need a locksmith to open that lock for you. It’s a good thing then that you can count on Locksmith Service Arlington Heights (based in Arlington Heights, IL) to get it open for you. We have a great team of technicians here in Illinois that have handled lockouts on many occasions. We can open just about every lock that there is. If you have been locked out of your property, call us.

Locked Out… Now What?

If you are no stranger to being locked out, you may take it like a champ. If this is your first time or it rarely ever happens to you, it may be a bit shocking at first. Did you really lock your key in the car? That may be a hard pill to swallow. How could you forget something as important as your car keys… inside the car? Who does that?

Well, lockouts are a very common cry for help that locksmiths receive. So, we know that it happens A LOT. Don’t feel embarrassed or beat yourself up too much because you have forgotten your keys somewhere and now you’re locked out. Don’t be hard on yourself if you have totally lost the keys either. Things happen! Anyone can lose their keys at some point or another. In fact, only very few people will make it through life without ever losing or misplacing their keys.

The important thing about a lockout is how you handle it. Knowing what to do when you’re locked out is very crucial. After you have checked thoroughly to make sure that you are really and truly locked out with absolutely no way of getting inside, it is time for you to figure out the best course of action for you to take. If calling a locksmith is the best thing for you to do, go right ahead and do that.

Steps to Take So You Can Prevent a Lockout

If you belong to the ‘frequent lockout club’, you may be looking into ways that you can prevent such a high recurrence of being locked out. It must feel great then to know that you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips that you should follow if you want to reduce the frequency of your lockouts.

  • Always make sure that you have your keys.

    Sounds a bit general, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that many times we will just assume that we have our keys. Out of routine, we expect that we have dropped our keys in a handbag or our pockets, when in fact, it’s nowhere near there. It won’t take a minute to check to see if your keys are really where you think they are.

    If they aren’t there, make sure you find them before you go any further. You should always do these checks before you lock your car doors and before you lock entrance/exit doors to your home and business. You may end up taking a bit of time to find those keys but it can certainly help to prevent a lockout.

  • Store your keys in a specific place when they’re not in use.

    This may be harder than it sounds. Some people make the process a bit easier by using key racks or other devices for storing their keys. Purchasing these devices are the easiest part of the task. The hard part is forming a habit of placing the keys there once they’re not in use. Once you can remember to do that, you should not end up misplacing your keys.

    Storage of keys also includes where you keep them while you’re out. While males may just push the keys in their pockets, women may have many other options and all these options may make it difficult to stick to one or remember which one you last used. Try to develop a key routine when you are on the road. In the process, remember that if you store your keys in your handbag and it gets snatched, your keys will also be stolen.

  • Always keep a spare key close by.

    Since there is no 100% guaranteed way of preventing yourself from being locked out, one of the best backup methods is keeping a spare key close by. Most locks generally come with a spare key. This means that you can carefully think about how and where to keep this key so you can access it easily if you happen to get locked out. Be careful though! You don’t want your keys to end up in the wrong hands.

    Think about giving them to a neighbor, friend or family member for safe keeping. You can hide them too, but do not hide them in obvious places such as under your doormat or in a nearby potted plant. Thieves and burglars will think of those places too.

  • Utilize key-finding devices.

    There are many key finders on the market today. They can help you to find your keys if you have no idea where you last placed them. Try investing in one especially if you are a very forgetful person. They can really come in handy if you can’t find your keys.

Sometimes a Lockout is Simply Unavoidable

There’s very little that you can do about stolen keys. If your key is stolen and you’re locked out, you just have to work with the situation and find the best fix for it. How about calling a locksmith? Locksmith Service in Arlington Heights is one of the best locksmiths when it comes on to lockouts. We offer many other locksmith services too. Call and find out how we can assist you today.